How to Build for Xcode?

Hello Community!

I am coming to be part of the Corona Community as well. I`ve already subscribed even though I am a really beginner using Corona and coding Lua.

BTW, I`ve got Mrs. Peach Pellen`s Blog Tutorials and those had helped me a lot at least to get started lets say like this.

So, I am in trouble with the option in Corona Simulator that let us (Mac users) build for Device OR Xcode. So I am trying to build for Xcode simulator but I am notting get it because the Corona status bar (that that appears when we are building) stays "locked" (looks like there are no progress) and after wait and wait all stop I need to get up and says to Mac FORCE CLOSE the Corona Simulator as it get stoped and does not build the file. It used to build for Xcode and automatically when finished the proccess of building, Corona opens the Xcode Simulator with our app diractly but not now anymore!! :(

P.S.: Would it be happening because I do use "multitouch" in the app`s code?

Someone would help me?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Rodrigo,

Glad you got this sorted - and I see you got your name change :)


Hello Peach!!

Yes, I got it working again after do that "hard-work" with Apple of making new provisioning profiles as appID as well and getting that into Organizer of Xcode to play into the iDevices the new certificates. To be sincer it is a very disturbing part of it all anyway lets wait for the next. :)

About the nickname, yes, the Ansca Staff answered me very quick via email helping me about the changing for it and so I`ve changed! BTW, thank you so much for the attention and guidance on me to get it done!

Best Regards,

Not a problem :)

That "hard-word" you refer to with Apple is by FAR the most irritating part about developing and the one that causes most people the most headaches - so well done to you! You have passed one of the biggest hurdles.

Peach :)

Hello Peach! :)

I totally agree with you!

Those provisioning profiles, certificates, etc...all the time is something I really hate...but what can we do instead follow the rules? lol

See yah,

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