restart problems

I am having a continuous problem trying to get my game to restart. I have veiwed many of the other threads and have tried them but to no avail.
I have this function to reload the level

function button:tap()
director:changeScene( loadLevel, "crossfade" )
button:addEventListener('tap', button)

whenever I test the game out it says that add event listener is nil any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to assign listener outside the function, or listener will be added after touching button

ok i see, does it matter where this other listener goes?

I guess that stands for Shake'em Bake'em? if not sorry for the guess.

To your question, think of it as a procedure

Procedure when the AlarmRings => Procedure1
Do step 1
Do step 2
Do step 3

Now you need to let everyone know that the procedure for an Alarm ringing is in place, so you would say

Procedure for ALARM_RING is Procedure1

Now if you made this note inside of procedure1, how would anyone know that there existed a procedure1 and that is for AlarmRinging

In other words, think of a book, if you had a TOC inside a chapter somewhere, how would you know where that chapter is?

hope that makes sense,



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