stupid questins / Egg Breaker game

I am trying to dissect the Egg Breaker game to learn Lua/Corona. All is going well (slooowly), but I have a quick question that I can't figure out:

Where and how is the initial "Egg Breaker" logo screen (which is in default.png) coming on to the screen? I can't find any piece of code that explicitly loads it.

Any idea?



Default.png is loaded automatically... no code needed to show it.

Raúl Beltrán
MIU Games

Thanks Raul,

You mean automatically by Corona (no need for any includes or code)??

It will automatically loaded when you start the app, without any code add it.

No, this is not a feature of Corona. The operating system shows Default.png while your app is loading to memory... when the program is ready the Default.png image is removed and the app shows on screen, that's why no code or additional includes are needed.

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