Simple Air App :: Corona Project Builder UPDATE V1.1

Now you can use nested package structure !!!!

If you want to develop in your own structure like:


and you will deploy it for device you must copy the lua files in the main folder.
Ansca wrote for required : These Lua files MUST be in the same directory as your main.lua file in order to be packaged for you during device builds, otherwise require() will fail at runtime. Please also see the note below about file name case sensitivity.
With the Air Corona Project Builder you can develop by your own structure and if you want to build it for device you just choose your Project folder and all files are managed in one folder also require(“path”) in the LUA files will updated !

And don´t name your folder like the class –> folder name= assets –> assets.lua !!!


But just try it out and give me a feedback if you like it ;)

you can download air file here :

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