Coin Dropper Dodo Bird launched!

We have just launched Nob Studio's second iPhone game, Coin Dropper Dodo Bird !
It would be a great help if you can write a review for the game. Thank you!

About Nob Studio:
A game studio located in Singapore. Specialized in developing Quality Flash Games.
We have created over 20 flash games, some of our popular games are Nob War, Monster Evolution and Book of Mages.
Check out our flash games at

App name: Coin Dropper
Category: Games, Arcade, Casino
Price: Free to download, with in-app purchase
Release Date: 8 Oct 2011
Developer: Nob Studio

iTune Link:
website Link:

Drop shiny coins into slots, form a line with 3 or more coins to win!

Simple yet addictive coin dropping game! Perfect time killer!

Spin on SLOT MACHINE when coin drops through SPIN BAR!
Win eggs, or even stands a chance to enter Bonus Stage in WHEEL OF FORTUNE!
Collect eggs to upgrade and improve your earnings!
Bonus stage to earn extra money!
3 stages to unlock!

Weekly Highscore to compete with your friends!

Game center
HD graphic
Listen to ipod music while playing game!

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Thank you for your time!

Wow, really lovely artwork! This is a great looking game :D

awesome, looks like a peggle mixed with plinko.

Congratulations on your release and good luck! It's very encouraging to see such a high level (graphics + gameplay) achieved with Corona SDK.

May I ask how many people were involved and how much time did it take to finish? I suppose anything around 600-800 hours work-time, that is two months from 3 people?

Thanks in advance for your answer and well done again.

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