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Am I crazy? Instructions here http://developer.anscamobile.com/content/building-devices-iphoneipad say to put the Provisioning Profiles in the /user/Library/MobileDevices/Provisioning Profile folder, but does 10.7 not have a library folder in the /user/ folder? Cause I can't find one there, although in 10.6 it is there, of course. Any thoughts?


Never mind. From Finder/Go menu hold down option key.

Its not /user. There is a /Users which contains all the home directories for each other and there is /usr which is a system folder.

The Library folder in question is a child of your home directory... In my case:


Just to be clear, all problems solved, but it may help future beginners such as myself when I say that the Library folder in question does NOT appear in the Users folder as per the Corona documentation if running 10.7. Apple has made the decision to hide this folder by default because it contains docs (particular new docs tracking App Store purchases) which they fear users will delete accidentally. Apparently. Lame. Anyway, from the Finder, choose the Go menu, and hold down the Option key to make the Library appear, both in the drop down itself and within the Users folder.

Just drag the profile via the XCODE organizer onto your phone. It will itself copy the profile to the place it wants it to have.

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