Do Corona reply to Bug Reports

I sent a Bug Report to Ansca Mobile using the online form a week ago.

I received an email telling me that they had received my report & giving me a case number.

Since then I have heard nothing - is this normal?
Will they respond once they've had a look at my issue?
How long does this process normally take?

Can someone point me in right direction about what (if anything) I can do now?


I don't think they respond to your report directly. I filed some bug reports before but was even unable to view them in the bug tracker after that.

Hi Robin,

There are a lot of bug reports that need looking at, however they are all looked at and addressed - sometimes it just takes a little longer than it should.

What was your bug number?

Peach :)

Hello Peach,

Thanks for your reply - my case number is 8673.

I guess that Ansca will get around to it eventually, however I would like to be informed of a fix / work around to this issue.

Will Ansca get back to me directly, or post a reply to my original forum thread?


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