Corona not working properly???

Hey, I was wondering, is it normal for the Corona icon to just open the simulator?
I would think that the icon would open the simulator AND the terminal thingy... (like on Windows)
I'm a new Mac user so if there is a special setup that is required,
I would appreciate it if someone could let me know.

Much appreciated,

This one chaps my hind as well. You must open the terminal first, and then open the simulator to see output to the terminal.

If the simulator is running, it must be closed first and reopened after the terminal is opened.

Don't even start on the debugger!


Okay, thanks... ;)

If you launch 'Corona Terminal' from within the Corona SDK download, it will launch the simulator for you (with the terminal). That's the easiest way to do it.

Yea, I figured that out .. I was kinda wanting to actually USE the super cool corona icon.. : ( thanks anyway.

Much appreciated,

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