Camera on templates *Important*


Does the camera on the templates actually work ? If i test it on an iphone can it be used as a camera?

The one in SampleCode works. If you want to know about others please link to them.

Peach :)


Peach i have another question concerning the camera. Is it possible to overlap images while the camera is operated and it is in the background? Let's say the camera is running and it has the sky as a background, can i drag a balloon on to the camera so it looks like it is floating up?
I hope you know what i am trying to say.

Another question is can you save photos on your app if you use the screen capture on templates ?

Link is here for screen capture:


No I do not believe you can drag an image over the camera while it is running - you could take a picture and do it then, though.

Yes to the saving/screen capture question :)


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