Memory / Performance Issues


Just a quick question that we wish to see other opinions on regarding memory usage. After reading many forum posts about what is suitable for the amount of memory used, we are having some... weird results with our project.

Many developers state that for the iPhone 3G, due to the 128MB RAM limit, games TexMem should be around or less than the 20MB mark. Now, we've also read that MemUsage has no real impact on performance so long as the memory isn't out of control.

We are using the director class for scene loading. We have used the new Storyboard API and the MemUsage has only dropped by a minor amount.

These are the results we are getting from our game:

Game starts at the main menu

MemUsage: ~125kb
TexMem: ~4MB

After loading to level 1

MemUsage: ~260kb
TexMem: ~5.8MB

Now, after seeing the other posts, this is far lower than some other users games which are running smoothly, but once we load into the first level, the game has around a 3-5 second lag before it recognizes any actions.

When we run "level 1" on its own without using any sort of director class or storyboard scene loader of any sort, the game runs perfectly smooth without any lag.

What may be causing these weird delay times? Any input is very much appreciated. Thank you :)

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