Minecraft name question

hi, just posting this here while i await a response from apple which it has been awhile now.

i registered "minecraft - Pocket Edition" on the 10th of october. and it let me register the name without any problems. then the other day i came across a news article which was announcing that minecraft - pocket edition was on the app store on 17th november. i was wondering how is this possible without contacting me first and should i pursue this further with legal action? i was under the impression that when you register a name on itunesconnect that it is yours for atleast 120 days, 90 days at first then they send a notification that you have 30 days remaining to upload a binary before the name is free again. please note that im looking for people to reply that have some legal knowledge that relates to this matter and no flame comments please .

ive uploaded some screen shots below to show the situation. thanks guys.


Is "your" Minecraft - Pocket Edition was registered trademark? If not it's just pointless.

As gtatarkin references, "Minecraft" is an active registered trademark (http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=85323318). Even if there were legal action you could take for the name reservation through iTunes Connect, it would be pointless since the name belongs to Notch Development AB; they have the right to use it and to protect unauthorized use by third parties. If you feel you're entitled to use of that name, consult with a lawyer. ...but something tells me you're not.

Hey Boydy, hope you're well :)

I am afraid the previous two comments are very much accurate - the Minecraft name is well known and I'd be thankful your app was not approved, they could very easily have gone after you.


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