Simulator improvement

Hi, the lack of support for accelerator in the simulator is a pain, specially when developing games that uses this as for steering.

Wouldn't it be possible to bind some keys on the keyboard to react like tilting the device?

Regards, Joakim

Nice idea, il forward it on

Great Danny, I will hold my thumbs for this one :)


You could also buy Corona Ultimote for 16.99. Watch the video, this will help with quick testing.


Question regarding your app:

1. Does it override the simulator - so that I don't have to do any code changes regarding signals from hardware?

2. No tryout app? I wouldn't say that it is expensive, but I prefer to test things before I buy.


I'm sorry but it's not my app. Try contacting them on their website, it's by M.Y. Developers.

No, I'm sorry :)

Happy x-mas!

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