How to make pivot joint Solid!

So in my game, i have a cart, similar to the billycart code, just a cart with 2 wheels attached to it. I connect the wheels to the cart using pivot joints, and it works fine until my terrain changes, if the cart is moving to fast when it hits a change in terrain, the front wheel jolts back and so my cart flips forward and wrecks. Does anyone know how to make the joint that connect the front wheel to the cart stay more solid? it becomes elastic you could say when it hits a terrain change while moving fast. thanks

try adding a front and rear weld joint

I was trying to make that work out, but was having trouble. so I would weld a rectangle to the body of my cart, and then create a pivot joint from my wheel to the rectangle thats welded to the body of the cart? thats why i have tried, maybe im thinking of it wrong.

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