New Year Promo: Text Candy / Particle Candy Coupons

Hi folks, just to let you know: there will be 50%-off coupon codes available on New Year to obtain both for half the price. So be prepared ^^

You'll find them right here in a couple of days.

We hope you all had a merry xmas, a nice time with your friends and families and wish you a happy and very successful 2012.

During the last year, we saw the Corona community growing steadily and Ansca really did a great job to steadily improve Corona's capabilities. We are sure, there will be even more great and exciting new features during the next year.

Also thanks for all your feedback, support and suggestions so far.

Hope you all had a Happy New Year.

Here's the promised New Year promo (valid for a limited time only):



on the Particle Candy and / or Text Candy download page and activate a 50%-off discount for both.

Hi x-pressive,

I`ve bought the 2 products right now. Hope I get to use it easy way though.

Happy 2012!


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