Best way to Handle Corona SDK Daily Builds

What is the best way to handle Corona SDK daily builds?

1. I have been renaming some previous builds on my machine when installing the latest build to have a base to go back to. Is this necessary? Should I just overwrite previous builds?

2. Suppose you have an App almost ready to submit to Apple but want to take advantage of the new Inneractive Ad Program, is the the Daily Build Stable enough?

3. Should you only use the last Stable Build and for go new features until they are part the new Stable build when submitting an App?

Would appreciate some thoughts.

This is just my opinion and I get the impression Ansca will give you a more conservative answer, but...

1. I just overwrite; I mean, Ansca keeps a lot of the older dailies on the website. I'm not completely sure overwrite is the right idea, but no problems yet over the last six months.

2. Corona Daily Builds are (usually) quite stable. I want to say maybe 1 out of every 20 or 30 builds has some problem that requires immediately downgrading. These builds aren't bad like, say, some Windows 8 early dev build, in part because Corona itself is evolving rapidly and the stretch between stable builds is quite long (months).

I think it's a bit scarier to upgrade your build when you're close to submitting (hello, testing everything again!) but it's definitely still feasible.

3. Stables are few and far between. I don't know the history but maybe 2-4 times a year? I'm sure Ansca will point to stable as the safe bet but personally I have no doubt I'll be submitting from a daily build at some point this year.

What I do is I have a folder called CoronaSDK.stable which has the last public release in it. Then I have CoronaSDK which has the latest daily build that I've downloaded. This has worked well for me up until Corona dropped support for older iOS's. I now have a CoronaSDK.704 folder which is the last daily that I captured (well its the last public + 1) that I will keep around for building my older products.

You should find that in most cases, the current daily build is stable enough to produce release products. I've been using dailies and submitting apps from them. That said, there will sometimes be bugs creep in that might break something and you might need to go back to an older version (which you can always download if needed).

Officially speaking, if you have weirdness going on, you may be asked to drop back to the last stable version to see if that fixes it.

We don't have any official recommendations but what Rob says is what I would personally consider best practice.

I have always kept the last stable release as well as the latest daily build. (I did have about 60 daily builds on my laptop at one point and that was just taking up space ;))

As Rob says if there is any issue we ask people to revert to the latest stable build so it is a good idea to keep it around, whatever daily build(s) you're using.

Peach :)

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