Looking for a Programmer to create Professional Games

I am starting up a company and coming out with a game in about a month. However, now I need to bring another idea to life and I need another programmer to help.

I wanted to release either of the games stated below, depending on what the programmer knows that is what would determine what game we would work on.

Both of the games include in app purchases, one of them includes having the character on a path and the other is somewhat like a card game.

The first game is with a character in side scrolling like game with many animation sprite sheets that I have already made. This is a single player game.

The second game is a card like game that would have to be multiplayer online and I wondered if anyone knew how to do that on here. Players would buy packs and battle friends online.

One of these games would need to be released in December.

I have designed the games and have documentation for the programmer to look at and I will explain anything as well. I am the designer, artist, animator and learning how to be the marketer as well. I have sound artist and musician, so I just need a programmer.

The games are very interesting, fun and very unique so a NDA would have to be signed.

If you are interested in joining our team and you are a skilled programmer with the initiative to learn anything needed to bring these games to life, please let me know and we can discuss more in detail.

Thank You

can you contact me at hgvyas123@gmail.com

Okay, I sent you an email and invited you to google chat

hi are you on gmail waiting over there for chat :)

Hey anyone else out there that is great at lua?
I mostly want to create the side scrolling game

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