Corona fails compile when main.lua saved as UTF-8 with BOM

Subject: Corona fails compile when main.lua saved as UTF-8 with BOM
Corona Version: 2009.10.01
System Version: Mac Mini OS 10.6.1
iPhone/iPod generation: 3G iPhone
iPhone/iPod firmware version: 3.1

Severity - 3 Important(doesn't function as planned)

Reproducibility: Every time

When main.lua is saved as UTF-8 with Byte Order Mark, Corona fails to
compile. This happens for both Simulator and Build-for-device.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Hello World project in Bare Bone's Text Wrangler
2. Replace "Hello World" string with "联合国人道事务负责人约翰"
3. Save (It'll ask to save as UTF-8 since the Chinese string can't be
encoded with Mac Roman)
4. Open in Corona command line app, and the console will complain of a
syntax error
5. Same results using GUI version of Corona Simulator
6. In Text Wranger, choose Save-As and choose encoding as Unicode, UTF-8 no BOM
7. Corona now compiles successfully for both simulator and on phone.

Thank you, I've submitted your bug to our bugbase.



Any chance Ansca could make entering bugbase entries available to us. It's annoying entering bugs via a forum, plus the forum has no search function so dupes can easily happen.

Also - can we adjust the session timeout on the forum so it's longer? I'd had a couple of tabs open before with bug entries, but after I filled out all the info, the session had already timed out for the forum.
The bug entry UX is ... shall we say ... suboptimal.


- Ian


we are going to change the time out session and we are looking at various options to enter bugs into our bug base directly instead of the forum



Thanks Carlos.

Would be great to enable search on the forums as well. As time goes on, we'll see more and more code snippets that would be helpful to search for.


- Ian

we have a new dev website with search features that should be online in a few days


Can someone tell me if this bug is ongoing. If I save my main.lua file as UTF8 it then won't load and gives an error. I have to save as ANSI.

Also, how do I print a pound sign (£) in Lua with display.newText()?

Most frustrating. Also, on these forums, there seems to be no forum for debugging and coding questions? Which one do I use?

amaninkent, I'll have to look into your first question.

For the others;

1) local myText = display.newText("£", 100, 100, native.systemFont, 18)

2) Developer support is for all questions related to development. If your question is more specific (Android only, or game logic) we also have some forums available for that. (Namely Android and Game Development, respectively.)

Peach :)

Thanks Peach. I must have missed the Developer Forum. doh.

As for the statement:

local myText = display.newText("£", 100, 100, native.systemFont, 18)

Hey Amaninkent,

It renders fine for me, although I'm on a Mac and don't currently have access to a PC to test on.

I am no expert in Windows however I am aware users have had issues in the past when using certain editors, including Mac's notepad alternative, TextEdit.

I would suggest using LuaEdit;

Then test the code using the latest stable Corona build (704) and if the £ symbol still doesn't display properly file a bug report using the link in the top right hand corner the site.

Peach :)

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