Reading a big file on launching --> "failed to launch in time"

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I am experiencing a problem and any help would be appreciate. I am building a game that uses a dictionary that is a file containing 48000 lines. For protecting purpose this text file is encoded, with an in house algorithm. I have to read this file and put its contents in an 3 dimensions array at the launching of my app. This process takes around 6 seconds in the simulator. When i run it on my Ipad, it crashes with "Failed to launch in time" error. The function for reading/decoding is quite optimized.

Does anybody has experienced reading big file ?

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There is a function in iOS that must be reached within a certain amount of time before the os thinks the app has frozen. Try not loading the file until your app has completely loaded.

I currently have difficulty with submitting my app. Apple has rejected it several times because they say that it launches to a blank gray screen. I have attempted to correct this issue with a Default.png. I have tested this on my device and all seems good, but in the simulator, then is a mili second of a delay between the time you launch the app and the actual home screen.

Can anyone help???

If your having these issues.

Create a loading screen, that simply displays your default.png

Then have it go to your menu/or whatever after a 500>1000 millisecond delay.

That will get you around the launch in time issue

Is there an example you could give about how to create a loading screen to load the default?

Thanks for your answer guys, it works just fine :)

@ wesam this is a simple scene :

local loadingImage = display.newImage("Default.png")
local function changeToScene(event)
        --change scene here
timer.performWithDelay(800, changeToScene)
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