Simple Question... Regarding icons for IOS

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the silly question. but i am now just starting to port all my games over from Android to IOS.

When creating the icons i have used the rounded corners.

When Creating the App in iTunes connect... it says to upload the 512 icon WITHOUT rounded corners?

Is this a must? will your app get rejected because of this?

Also special thanks to peach for all the walkthroughs on building/testing/certificates for IOS.

thanks in advance.

Ok thanks sunmils... thanks for the reply...

So from what i have read i do need to provide the icons with squared corners?


Don't use the rounded corners :)

Thanks for the reply, another stupid quesion and i guess i already know the answer... but does it need to be square for all the icons in the build? eg (114,72,57)

thanks again

Yep it sure does :)

IOS adds the rounded bit for you

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