Keyboard not showing for IAP on some phones..

Hey guys. I recently release an update to our game that includes an In App Purchase. It seems to work on most devices however ive seen this problem 2 times now. Once on a iPhone 4 and also on. 3G (it's probably to do with the OS)

What happens:
-user presses purchase
-user gets usual confirmation dialog. And hits ok.
- user is prompted to enter their iTunes password, however...
The virtual keyboard does not show!

has anyone seen this before? Any ideas?

i saw this once, I tapped the password field and it showed up after that for me.

Is this a repeated issue, or sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't?

Does clicking in the password field cause the keyboard to appear?

Morning Peach,

I wasn't able to test it thoroughly as they weren't my phones ( randoms at a party). However it was happening consistently the few times i tried. (Touching the password field also did not bring up the keyboard when i tried).

I'm pretty keen to get my hands on a device so I can check console outputs in xcode...

I added flurry tracking to the iap events so I could see if people were having trouble purchasing. the current numbers are:

"purchased" : 47 times
"failed" : 32 times
"canceled" : 183 times

Though the numbers are all pretty low, the ratio scares me a little.. I'm hoping the that the high portion on "canceled" events don't include people that want to buy it but need to cancel because they cant (or think they cant)..


@brad.herman : Hey brad thanks for the response. Do you still have the device from when you saw that issue? You reckon you could help me out and maybe test the iap in my game "Pot Smash"?
Id be very appreciative and will 5 star all your stuff! ;) Here's a promo code: HENKEPKPKEYT

I had this game previously but lost it during a restore - repurchased on a new account, testing IAP now.

*wanders off*

OK, worked absolutely fine on my iPhone 4 running iOS5. Zero issues at any point.

Peach :)

Thanks Peach. Your a Star!
We're gonna do a free promotion pretty soon in the hope that we reach more users. I was a little worried about all the iap failures from the flurry stats but im feeling ok about it now.

On a related topic. I noticed that you do a 100ms delay before calling store.init()

You mentioned it here:

Is there real reason that you do this? Have you seen problems when you dont include this delay?

I'm just wondering if its worth me resubmitting the app with this little addition before our promo... thoughts?

It has been awhile since I've played with IAP but I recall when I didn't use it sometimes I'd encounter issues with, I think, an error - not like what you are seeing though, it was a problem initiating things I believe. (Although I tried IAP very early on, so this likely isn't an issue any more.)

In any case I wouldn't worry about an update just for that, it isn't related to what you are seeing.

For the record, not that I'm an authority or anything, but those stats actually seem pretty good to me, as far as the number of purchases VS failures/cancels. (This is based on discussions with a number of other devs.)

Just my 2 cents, anyway :)


Yeah I think I was just being paranoid, Its good to hear that those figures look pretty normal.

Ill see how it all goes after the promo and keep you posted.

Thanks again. :D

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