PREVIEW Sky Settlers - manage an island floating above the clouds!

Hi Everyone, we are excited to show you a preview of our upcoming game Sky Settlers! (inspired by, but not a tiny tower clone!)

If you are interested to try out the game, here's the testflight link!

Greetings, settlers!
Welcome to Sky Land, an island floating above the clouds!
Can you develop Sky Land into a big city and manage the settlers?

★Create your own island with cool buildings, watch settlers as they work!
★Once in a while, Batterycruiser lands in Sky Land's airport! Send settlers to work in Batterycruiser and earn batteries!

★Order new types of building and homes for settlers to work in!
★Guide visitors and they will reward you with coins or batteries!
★Find the missing robot and he will give you a spare battery!

★Expand your Sky Land, make space for more buildings!
★Upgrade transportation speed, visitors reach destination earlier!

★Game Center achievements
★listen to iPod while in game!
★Full HD graphic for iPhone & iPad

Sky Settler is a freemium game inspired by Tiny Tower and the Tap Pet Hotel Series. Hopefully we can standout from the crowd of tiny tower clones :)

Game is currently waiting for review, once approved will be launched in Canada store before release to all other store.
Thank you for your time!

Looks like a lot of fun!


wow, looks amazing!

This looks just awesome! Look forward to seeing it available in Australia :)

Thanks all :)
If you are interested to help me beta test Sky Settlers, here's testflight link
thanks in advance!

Signed up! (I have limited time but this looks awesome and would love to have a play.)

Peach :)

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