test on remote devices

Sorry for the apparently rookie question, but I could not find anything on the forums.

Question is:
How can I send my apps to the clients, so they are able to test on their devices?

Has a flash developer I used to send my clients air-for-ios-compiled IPA files that they install onto their devices using itunes.
I have sent the App that was generated with Corona Simulator (compressed in ZIP), but my client iTunes refused to install the App, saying that it was not a valid application, even though I could install it on my iPad through the Xcode Organizer.
The client is obviously not a xcode developer, and therefor do not have have access to Xcode's Organizer window.

thank you.

Paulo - You client will also need to install the certificate that you downloaded and installed on ur mac.

Another option for this is testflight :)

@Bejoy: My Developer Certificate? He uses PC... Im not sure if the .cer files are PC compatible :\

@peach pellen: Testflight requires IPA files too :\

From TestFlight he can install direct on his phone, he doesn't have to mess with iTunes.

I recently signed up for it to test an app on my device a Corona dev made - only need an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

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