Escape The Factory released

Escape the factory has finally been released today on iTunes store.
Have a look. Play it and if possible provide feedback.

But first, Read the Instructions.


The screenshots look similar to Chip's Challenge, anyone else remember that game? That game was awesome. I really like character-based puzzle games; there are tons out there, but my favorite on iPhone is Archibald.

Did you use Gumbo while making it? Would be fun to find out if released apps actually used your tool.

I used to play Chip's Challenge on the Atari Lynx, if anybody remembers it? It was like an oversized Gameboy (it was huge!), but with a color display and that ate a lot of batteries. Don't think I'd have the patience these days though. You weren't as picky when you were a kid.

My first job in the game industry was at post-bankrupt Epyx circa 1992. We were located above a bail bonds office next door to the county jail. At that time Epyx was contracting with Atari to make Lynx games. I remember a couple guys working on Chip's Challenge.

Another guy had the original hardware prototype of the Lynx in his office (he was one of the original hardware designers). It was bigger than a coffee table and made the little 2 inch screen seem ridiculous. The prototype game "cartridge" was a couple feet long!

Hi @jhocking, I found this on Chips Challenge, I do not think that the screens look anything like that.

My game influence has been with the ZX Spectrum so in a sense there is a bit of similarity in the way the gameplay could be.

I hope that once you start to play Escape The Factory, you will like it, it will be patrons like yourselves and others that will encourage me to add more levels and features to the game.


Jayant C Varma

Unfortunately no, I did not use Gumbo or any visual tool to create the game levels. I used the old methodology of a graph book (Maths book) and pencil. Since the screen was always made up of fixed number of tiles, it is easier to work on them and create the puzzle.

It is then a task in trying to convert each of that into an object that works and acts/reacts. There are a lot more features planned for further levels, (Work is in progress)

At one point I was going to use Lime for the levels, but that did not work out for me either. So had to create the engine myself.


Jayant C Varma

LOL same here... but i didnt have grid paper so I used excel to make some and print it out :)

Will check your game out...

EDIT: No free version? Any promo codes?

I do not think that the screens look anything like that.

My game influence has been with the ZX Spectrum

You don't see any resemblance? I mean, the bottom set of screenshots even come from ZX Spectrum, your main influence.

oh well whatever

@jhocking, I had never played Chip's Challenge before so I wasn't sure of what you meant. I got to play the spectrum version to get an idea and I understand what you are trying to say when you say it is similar.

well I can tell you for sure that Chip's was not the inspiration for the game.

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