High res graphics for android?


I've just released my latest game in the android market and the graphics are looking a little blurry. Is there a way of taking advantage of the '@2' graphics I've got in there for iPhone 4?


Indeed there is! You can use the config.lua file to define what image set you want loaded on a device with a specified resolution. Check out the Corona Tips page by Base2Solutions for an excellent write up on the subject.

It should already be using them. Dynamic image resolution is a bit confusing tho. It picks the next highest image thats <= current dimensions. So if you have images at 320x480 and 640x960.

iphone - uses 320x480
iPhone4 - uses 640x960
iPad - at 768x1024 is > 640x960 so it uses the 640x960 images scaled UP

However, an android phone at 640x800 will still use 320x480 unless you specifically set a case in the config. This is because 640x800 is smaller than the iphone4 graphics at 640x960

I prefer to force use of various images myself. See section 3:


LOL we replied at the same time :) My tips are getting famous!!


Of course your tips are famous, they're freakin awesome! I thoroughly enjoy Walkabout, although I'm stuck on level 54 (and I can't figure out how to get through level 5 fast enough to get 3 stars).


I made a level designer which auto calculates the times for 1,2 and 3 stars based on the blocks, the stars and players on the level. Level 5 is a bit if a special case so I had to manually up the times for it. If you're on android that update should already be on the market. If you're on iOS it's in review and should be up any day now!

Re Level 54... there's a walkthrough if you're totally stuck :P want a link?

I'm on Android so I will try it when I get a chance (haven't played in a few weeks since I got stuck) and I would indeed appreciate a link. Thanks! Keep up the awesome work with your Corona Tips page, it has been a tremedous help to me (and the entire Corona community). I can't wait to read the rest of the sections.

Ahh thats probably why. I updated it a week or so ago after alot of people started moaning :P

Here's the walkthrough:


All the levels are on his page, if you get stuck again :P

Hi kam187,
Thanks for great Corona tips document! ;)


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