Feature suggest, FXField event

I would like to catch the event if the particle is killed in FXField.


-> Added* -next update will be out in a couple of days.

* Each particle now has a property called 'withinFXField' that contains an FX Field's ID if the particle is inside a field (or nil, if it isn't). This property can be checked either when looping through your particles or within your kill event listener (event.withinFXField) then.

Would it be possible to also add a 'sensor' type effect field.

For example it fires an event if the particle has hit the sensor field so that some other processing could be applied to the particle, like make it smaller then remove it

You can already do this in the upcoming update by looping through your particles and checking the 'withinFXField' property. Actually, the new sample included in the next update demonstrates exactly what you describe.

Sending events, however, would also be good way to solve this (eliminating the need to loop through particles). We'll see if we can put this into the next update, too.

Is there a way to create a FX field that it like the effect of a fan blowing/a stream of air.

You could use physics particles, using gravity to simulate the influence of wind, for example.

So those invisible wind particles can affect other particles?

You can use physics gravity itself as the wind (since you can set gravity to any desired direction).

But we'll see if we introduce a FX Field that simulates wind (a force that steadily pushes particles into a certain direction), too.

An fx field would be best as I want negative y gravity as per normal but 'fans' which can push particles against gravity ! Thanks as ever and if you're reading this and haven't bought PC yet go and do it right now!!!!!

Please can we have a function to set the state of the FX field, i.e. on or off?

-> Added

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