Creating App with website inside (not game)

Hey there,

I'd like to know if it's possible:

1) My idea is creating a website for mobile with all stuffs about my business.
2) Create an app that can open this website and put this on AppStore & Android Market to download.

Actually behind the scenes the user shoundn't know if there's a website or a local app.

Let' me know if I'm clear.

Tks a lot!!
Luis Carlos

Hola Luis,
IF your app is wrapped around a website, then when the app tried to load the information, it will let the user know (by the speed) that it is *NOT* a native app, but a website.

The other way you can manage this is by placing the html files and images locally in the app than it trying to retrieve it from the web.

hope that clears your questions



Nice, I almost ther, tks!!!

There is some reference or example showing your example about "html files and images retrieving content from the web"?

Luis Carlos

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