A "Making of" article on Escape the Factory

I know that my game Escape the factory is not exactly the next Bubble Ball or Cut the Rope or Angry Birds for that matter. However it is a sincere effort to create a playable and enjoyable experience.

Now If I can get this game to be a popular game (somehwhere in the top 20 charts), I promise that I shall make an elaborate article on The Making of with screencasts and images of the process on how the game was made, even detailing small things like how some functinality fails and alternatives to be used for the same.

I can even consider open sourcing the game like canabalt did, but I need to have some serious download numbers to do so. How about setting a decent number like 100,000 (just 7% of Bubble Ball's downloads ;) )


Jayant C Varma

Actually 100,000 as % of 7,000,000 is 1.43%

[Soulver is wonderful in trying to manage calculations in plain English]

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