send message and call to a person

how can i send a message to another mobile ?
how can i call to a person ?

Well you can open URL's to do a lot of what you want to do.

something like:

phoneNumberURL = "tel:1235551212"
system.openURL ( phoneNumberURL )

Is there a way to prefeed the SMS textbox with some text which you can do if you create your app in XCODE and Cocoa?

This would be a neat thing for the wishlist

At this stage no there is not.

It's a pity

Is sending SMS something you consider supporting in Corona?
I know Corona is Game dev. by heart.
I'm not, but I think it could be a nice game feature as well.

Been exploring Corona for about a week now and cannot decide if I should buy or not.

Main reasons against is that the UI is a bit under developed and the fact that Corona is not supporting SMS.

Then there is the fact that I love all the other features :-)

But I really need to know your intentions with the UI and the SMS.

SMS isn't supported, no. Sorry.

As to the UI/non-game side of things, Corona is always improving in that area. I started using Corona less than a year ago (I loved it enough to become a part of the team in April!) and since then massive improvements have been made in the area.

In fact, only last release (2011.591) CoronaUI was made available to non-subscribers :) Things happen fast here.


Shit, Peach Pellen, my new Idol.
Want to start with a big thank you for your tutorials.
Very good and nicely written for us beginners.
TNX a lot for this and your fast reply to my post.

I have noticed that the UI seems to be prio and this is very good.
I'm just considering subscribing because I have loved trying Corona out. Have also tried that seems good for non-gamers. But since I tried Corona I realized I will probably develop some games to :-)

One thing though, do you think SMS could be supported in the future?

TNX again Peach!


Thank you, and no worries :)

Corona is PERFECT for games and is great for other things too, but yes, it isn't perfect for all non-game apps. Yet ;) One day soon I'm sure it will be. (It is constantly improving!)

As to SMS - I really can't say. I am not involved with that side of things and I'm not into the deeply technical stuff enough to say whether or not it would even be practical.

That said people can request features in the feature request forum and whether or not the thread is replied to, all of them do get looked at. Maybe an idea :)


Just one more related question.
I some forumthread about the UI, I read that it wasn't working for android. Is this true?

Made a simple test yesterday with the widget.newButton and som sounds. After choosing build in the simulator and then downloaded the apk in my Galaxy tab it did not want to install it.

Just want to be sure this did not happen because of what I read in the forum about the UI.

TNX for all your advice!


Please tell someone high up that basic phone functions like SMS is a must to ensure Coronas success :-)

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