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don't know what hair extentions have to do with programming, so obviously there is some spamming going on in the moment.

We need some more functions in the forums:

- report spam-accounts or other inappropriate crap
- private messaging

just my 2ct...


yea I also got similar messages in some of the posts I have commented on.

Hey guys,


And FYI I removed the hair extension post prior to seeing this thread ;) .... But who WOULDN'T want discount Indian wavy hair extensions?! It sounded like a great deal to me ;)

Will bring this up in our next meeting, anyway.

Peach :)

+ Spam
+ Private messaging

I think there should be a thread for "Jobs" with sub-threads for "programmer for hire" and "graphics designer for hire". You should only be able to post in the "jobs" thread if you are a subscriber, but it should be viewable for everyone.

Another option would be to have your username clickable so you could see the profile and get in touch by private message for quotes etc.

Just a couple of ideas.....

I tried to get hair extensions but they said I had nothing to fuse them to

lano - the MarketPlace would be the place for job threads; if we get a lot of them I can always suggest making a separate jobs forum too, however it really depends on posts ;)

Renjith - One of those I know I got because I posted under it, the other is now gone and I don't know if I removed it or someone else did, but it's all clear now, thanks :)

jstahan - one of their ads said Indian and another said Brazilian - is it possible they have more than ONE kind?! If so I feel sorry for you missing out. (Although long hair can be a real pain, sometimes I want to shave it all off again XD)

Anyone fancy some spam? Corona Spammer located here...

Thanks for posting lano, someone beat me to it so I might have missed out on another bargain ;)

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