Mask on image with alpha

I'm having problems adding a mask to an image that has an alpha value set. In the Corona Simulator everything seems to work perfectly, but as soon as I build the application and run it in my Android device the image is rendered as a white rectangle.

I made a special test app with different images and different masks, but it's always the same. Everything works great until the image I'm masking has an alpha value <> 1.

The "Bitmap Mask" section of the documentation states:

In order for alpha to be supported on top of masking, the depth limit must be at least 3. This may only pertain to masking of images, further testing is needed.

But I have no idea what that means.

Thanks for any help you can give me with this!

I'm stuck on exactly the same problem. This tantalizing "depth limit!" What does it mean?

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