Tool for creating wireframes

Hello Team,
What tool do you all use for building wireframe. I have been sketching it on a paper and then scan and send it over to my clients. Any other cool tool out there that could leveraged to build a more functional wireframe.

Appreciate your help.


There are products out there for this purpose, some I believe are even on the iPad. Here's one that looks like there's a bit of a learning curve, but supports templates so could be useful to learn if you used it a lot:

Additionally, you could download a PSD file with UI elements, such as this one, and just drag and drop the different layers onto a new PSD file, export as a PNG and then send to your clients that way.

Thanks Jonathan. Will give it a try.

I'm also testing some tools for mockups... And I've found some for iPad like "Mockop" or "Blueprint (lite)" but I also want other tool for Android...



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