Possible ListView with Mask Bug, please check

Hey guys,
so for my level select in my game, i am using a listView with bars that you can touch to select the level, as well im using a mask to only show part of the listView contents.

I do development on both a mac machine and a PC machine, on the pc machine, the mask works just perfect and looks great, then i loaded up the exact same project in corona on my mac, and the mask has some diagonal lines of transparency that are showing the image behind the listView contents.

Anyways just wondering if others have come across this issue, i have an example image of it showing just fine on the PC simulator, and with the lines on the MAC simulator.




Hi rxmarccall - I had the same issue on the mac simulator. Did not check it on windows simulator. It is caused due to incorrect mask size. Once i correct the mask image size, the error did not occur. Still now sure why incorrect size of the mask image causes this distortion of the image on mac simulator.


Hi guys,

same problem here, i've a 550x290 listView, i've created a 554x294 mask file and i've that diagonal line on mac simulator, i've tried also to reduce the mask file to 550x294 (including borders) but still the same issue.

Bejoy, how did you fixed the issue ?



problem solved:

listView 550x290, i've created a 550x294 mask file with 2px black border on top/bottom, the diagonal lines issue was with left/right borders.

Good, yea in my case the problem was that my mask size was not divisible by 4, so i had to change the overall dimensions and it is good now.

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