Director help / function call

Hello i have 2 questions,


when using director and changing scenes all works, expect from my restarting scene in which the game when winner == true goes to this scene and you have the option to go to menu, retry or go to next level. So if i change the code to start at the restarter scene then the buttons all work and so does the game. But if i start in the game and end up in the restarter scene as soon as i press the menu button it will go to that scene then instantly go back to the restarter scene. Any help?


( this may help with above question)
Is there a way to get a variable to change from a different scene. I mean when i go to the restarter scene , could somehow change the winner variable to false as soon as it starts the restarter scene and how could i adjust my game scene so that it takes in account the change in the winner variable.

Any suggestions? Need to see some of my code?


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