hi I'm new here, just have to let you all know how I feel

Dod damn, I've just found about corona and I'm blown away by simplicity.

Why isn't this SDK mentioned all over the net??? I've searched and searched for something else then Objective C/Cocos2d and I coudn't really find any good alternatives. I can't stand the Objective C syntax, but it seemed like there was no real alternative when it came to 2d game development, if I wanted speed and ease I had to use Objective with Cocos2d, and I accepted that destiny untill I by pure coincidence found about it here:


Well now that I've found about this tool, I can proclaim:

Good fking bye Objective C!!! muhahah :)


Shutout if you feel the same as me! :)

welcome to corona

Welcome onboard! I am shutting out now! ;-)

Welcome dude :)

I know exactly how it feels, it's so fresh to see something so powerful yet so simple to learn.. The team here are fantastic :)

// red.

Absolutely feel the same here - welcome :)

peachpellen, reddotinc, jstrahan... those are some very familiar names! :)

very glad to see you here Photics

Hello and welcome !

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