Match Game Magic, my first app with Corona SDK

I've just finished my first app with Corona SDK and am putting the final artwork in place -- I think it will be complete in just a couple days.

It's memory/match game where you reveal the hidden picture by matching the squares. It will be a free app with adMob on the play screen (the grey area at the bottom of the screen shot below) and in-app purchase to get rid of the ads and unlock three dozen more pictures.

It's *not* the game I bought Corona to make, but I was doing something else and this kind of fell in my lap, so I decided, "why not?"

And, my wife really likes playing it, so I already have one happy customer. ;)


PS - I was using the graphics before Walkabout ever came out, so there. ;)

Looks great. Actually, is day and night difference between the prototype you showed me vs what you have here on screen. Can't wait to see it on the app store.


Quick game play video here:

...although it's a match/memory game, so there's nothing totally revolutionary. ;)

However, the different pictures behind the puzzles adds a different element than just "matching pairs" like most games of this type.

In the video you can see some of the special effects that really add to the game -- Particle Candy is good for more than action/arcade type games.

Besides Particle candy I used the Crawl Space Library, Director for screen management, artwork from Dwayne at DIEHARD Studio, art from Lost Garden, music from Stock 20, and handled all the assets and stuff using my own Corona Project Manager.

I have one screen left to replace with new artwork and then I submit to Apple. Pretty sure that will happen tomorrow.

I'm using in-app purchase in the game, adMob ads, and it's a universal app, so I'm covering all the bases with my first game. ;)


PS - And if you want the entire source code, I'll have that available for you in the near future. :)

Here's a walkthrough video I did that shows all areas of the game:

Basically it's a tutorial video for a game that doesn't really need a tutorial to be able to play it. ;)


oh drat, I am nearly done with my game based on Memory. er, I hope you don't mind the unfortunate coincidence.

Hehe, if I had invented the genre I might be upset, but I played the same game when I was a kid with a deck of cards. And who know *how* old it really is. :)

No problem!


Woot! Thanks to Sean at Ansca for some "smackin' me around" on IRC, MGMagic is uploaded and waiting for review in the App Store!

The in-app purchase has also been submitted for review, and I actually remembered to set the adMob stuff to "live" before I submitted. :)

The initial version of the web site is ready to go: but I'll probably be tweaking it a bit over the next few days.


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