gMail as HD-Storage

Hi there,

does anyone has an idea or even source how to use gmail as hd-storage for backups?

There are some tools, firefox extensions and even android apps that use gmail as
storage for small backups.

I just can't find a source example how to connect, what parameters to send and to request.

Would be great (no i don't think that needs to be a corona feature, as i am sure we as community
could create a class we can use ) :@


Why would you want gmail only? Amazon offers some free space, Dropbox has free space, if you went to your account from the HP touchpad, you get 50GB of space as the introductory offer...



+1 for Dropbox.

Works perfect and you can get 2Gb of storage for free. You can install across different computers (PC and Mac) and there's an iPhone app too.

hi there,
thanks for your suggestion with dropbox etc.
i may just clarify thats its not about just 'space'

i have to be able by a api or some kind of LUA source code to upload my data there and
also recover it back.

also its not like that, that I need the space. Its more for my users.
I provide the app where users work with data. than they should get an option to make
a backup on the system of their choice!

And here i thought most Android Users already have an Gmail account. so google hd-storage would be the most near solution. (also i don't have an idea how to connect upload/download data)

i am open for dropbox etc. but then the user would need to open an account there.... and I... still would need a description how to upload stuff and download again. Its not a lot of data, just a few hundred kb per user. And I guess the User prefer to have it saved on a system he does control and not on a server I set up myself (would be easy just to buy some cheap server).. and what happens if my app does not make profit, I don't like to promise I offer a backup system for a app that does not work. So better from beginning the user is in control about.


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