Copy/Paste support

I don't think you can currently do this in Corona, but one feature I would like to see is copy/paste support. It should not be that difficult to add in some hooks to access the pasteboard. I have one app idea I'm working on where it would be nice if the user could copy the results of action for pasting into another app on the device.

- Stephen

That's assuming that you have "text" objects on screen. Since Corona is openGL far as I know everything is rendered as a graphic and drawn on each frame - including the text that you see.

[EDIT]: But you should be able to programmatically set the copy/paste buffer with a variable in your code. I see where you are going with that...

Yes, that's specifically what I want to do. I've been working on idea for which Corona would probably be a good fit, would be very graphics oriented, but at certain points a user would find it convenient to copy out some generated values for use in another app or in an email.

- Stephen

+1000 I would love the ability to write data to the clipboard.

This would open up an enormous number of potential apps that create output for sharing/pasting between apps/email, etc.

+1 for this.

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