Would Corona be a good choice for UI intense program?

I am making a character sheet program (for roleplaying) with lots of editable textboxes, a table/grid display, butons, etc. Is Corona what I should use for this? Does Corona have the ability to make such a program (and make it look good)?

If you are making a fancy app, try not to use textboxes, try to use UI widgets as much as possible, Strength can be increased/decreased using a widget than typing it in.



Thank you for the suggestion. I will use this.
Unfortunetely, I am still going to need textboxes for name input, and a few other fields. I will also need something like a tableview(grid, or something like that).

Any what I'm really hoping for is that I could easily make user interface apps as well as games.

Corona is a good choice, especially if you want to go outside the standard UI. However, you will need to do some dancing when using text input fields. Corona does not have built in support so it uses the native OS text input system. System controls are on a different screen than your corona app so there are things like alignment problems and such to handle.

The Db support works great!

The grid will need to be built in sections if it is very large. Text objects appear to be a problem on Android in general. You will blow up the JNI if you try to do too much at once. timer.performWithDelay() is your friend.

If you're any good with js etc check out phonegap. Use jquery-mobile to make an iphonessque UI.

The advantage is it'll be very quick to code and you can build it for almost every type of device - iphone, blackberry, wm7, android, webOS.

As kam187 suggested, going JS way may be a viable alternative.
But Sencha Touch is more mature than JQuery mobile in my experience - more features, less bugs and less HTML, it's all generated from code, so you write less.

Although, last time I checked (this spring) all major mobile JavaScript frameworks were having issues on Android. So instead of porting my webOS financial app I chose to go with Corona and learn how to make games.
Corona may very well be the best tool for cross-platform development in terms of speed and stability.

If you choose to go with JS, don't waste your time on Appcelerator Titanium. It's compiled so is faster than Sencha and JQuery and has native widgets, but unlike them its docs are poor and you can't fix bugs in the framework if you find them, so your only choice is to wait, and that can be many months. It also has poor tools for UI scaling compared to HTML and CSS.

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