How to add Ads to my app?

On most of free apps for Android I can see the Ads showing. In there any support for such thing in Corona SDK? Or is there any other way how I can show them in my app?

Via the webpop and AdMob. Search for quite some posts here on the forum.

Thanks for response. I've tried this approach - - with my publisher ID but when I've launched app on the device the only I have is black screen.

does not work on android, only iphone

Can U check my beta version game for Android? Seems to work fine with AdMob:

HI mate

I checked the game but couldn't see any ads. I then checked another game and were coming through so my internet was up and working

Yea from what i hear it does not work on android yet, as well as tons of other things, like openFeint, makes me sad =(

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