Cross-platform EventSound format?

Is there any file format you can use for EventSounds that will work on both iOS and Android?


OK.. this is only a guess: AIFF (or .aif for the 3 letter operating systems :)

My guess would be .MP3 too.


Yeah... so some reason I was not thinking one could use mp3 for eventSound() ... just tested.. it works.

But mp3 may create problems because of its encoding artifacts and sample inaccuracy.

Hey guys, thanks for the responses, but no luck.

First, for mp3, did you test on the device? Because mp3 worked for both platforms in the simulator for me, but did not work on iPod Touch.

As for aiff, it worked on iPod Touch for me, but not on Android :(

Any other ideas?

Damn, this is really frustrating. Just tried wav file, and it works on iPod Touch but not Android... Gah, it seems if one works on one device it doesn't work on the other :/

Sorry, but you have to use MP3 on the android. On the IPhone I use CAF atm.

I have no android device... Hence me only guessing.,,

And that is sad...

Again something which shows that corona fails badly to support more than one target. And yes.. I know this is a Beta ... 5 ...

They should concentrate on one platftform and make that working correctly first.

Thanks Mike, unfortunately that's what I was afraid of :/

And yeah, OderWat, I agree that this is sad. I mean what are you supposed to do? Use two different sound files for every sound you have, and then what do you do when you build? Take out the ones that are for the platform you're not building for? That's crazy, they need a cross-platform eventsound format.

Also, as for "They should concentrate on one platftform and make that working correctly first." - they did. iPhone works really well, and Android you can't really publish a game for yet, too many crucial bugs. So I wouldn't really consider Android a publishable platform right now. Has anyone actually even published an Android game yet? I would be shocked if it actually worked since I've spotted a number of bugs that make it pretty difficult to use. Hopefully that will change very soon.

I find a lot of shortcomings in iPhone related stuff... simple things like the missing UDID ... or complex ones like native table view and the hybrid build target... and the fact that the simulator does not "simulates" any of the native stuff (not even simulated with placeholders) :(

Of course there are shortcomings, a bunch of them. What I mean is you can easily publish a GREAT iPhone/iPad game right now, which is not the case for Android, it's as simple as that.

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