Add iPhone/iPad views in Simulator

Ansca, please add the iPhone and iPad views for the Windows simulator

I'd appreciate this too.
I can understand not including them as you need a Mac prior to distribution, but being able to develop for iOS from Windows would be a huge benefit. I have a Macbook, but my Windows work laptop is my primary development machine.

+1 to this!! Major props for the windows version, the ability to bust out iOs from Windows? least for those of us with ancient Mac Minis that draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggg. ;)

+1 from me too. It's great to develop for Android, but it would be nice to develop for Iphone too, especially to test out the 2x png layout stuff. I can then mockup and then hand over to my flatmate to export on his Mac (once I've managed to convert him over from gamesalad (how he manages to make a game with no arrays is beyond me! :) ) )

It doesnt need iPhone and iPad views, that could be problematic

What it does need is a 320 x 480 / 640 x 960 / 1024 x 768 views with a generic looking border around the screen. That way it easy to test at different resolutions.

It would also be nice to have a generic looking (thin) border on the Mac as the iPad especially takes up a lot of real estate for just the fancy graphic.

+1! I would love to be able to develop everything I can for iphone on my Windows laptop then send the file over for just for compilation on the mac. Just means I can spend more time with my wife and watch TV at the same time. That's multi-tasking baby! ;)

Any update on this? iPhone resolutions on Windows Simulator would be awesome. And I really don't see anything related to marketing/hardware-restrictions/difficulty or anything else that could prevent this from happening. After all, we only ask to simulate, not build. So... iPhone resolution for Windows Simulator?

Ansca stated in another thread that this is already part of release.

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