v2.3 of Corona Project Manager now available

Corona Project Manager v2.3 was just released and here's a quick video that shows a couple new features:


Lots of fixes in this version -- you can see a list of changes here:


Now I start working on v2.4 and then will probably skip up to v3 this summer with some big features planned.


Nice one Jay. Thanks :)

Just updated, hopefully put 2.3 through its paces throughout the week :) Keep up the hard work!

-- Chris

@Jay, can you please share your syntax color setup in that video, it looks so easy on the eyes.

Yeah, I'll see if I can't get all the info for that color setup together tomorrow.

Of course, if I would add theme support for CPM then it would be real easy to share that. :)


Nice work Jay, I've grabbed mine as soon as it's out.

I've submitted few minor bugs, but also got an idea regarding Launch Apps...

Would it be possible to define custom shortcut keys to each app listed?

For example, I've put Zwoptex in the list. But most of the time I'm launching it using the apps as it's easier than to use pulldown list in CPM.

When adding an app to list if I could define command + 1 as the hot key for it, app launching would be much more easier.

Just a suggestion to add to your list :)

Yep, I noticed the same thing -- just about the time some utility finishes bouncing in the toolbar I think, "Sheesh, I could have launched that from inside CPM!"

Custom keypresses to launch your favorite tool would make all the difference in the world.

I know I need to add key mapping anyway, so this would get covered in that update. Don't have an estimate yet, but I do want to do it.


PS - I could easily (I think) automatically add Command-1 through Command-9 to launch the tool at that position. So you couldn't pick it, but you'd soon remember that Command-6 was whatever. Think that could be a good temporary solution? Or should I just wait for real key mapping?

Since you've asked :)

I would prefer to have Command-1 through Command-9 solution especially if it's easier (which probably means sooner for us!) for you.

That won't be a temp solution (at least for me) as I would still map to command + number keys even if you allow other key combos to...

Right now I have just 3 items listed.

Last night I added the feature where Command 1 thru 9 automatically get added to the first nine items in the Launch List...

...and then this morning changed it so you can specify which keypress launches which app:

I'll try to release that tweak within the next few days.


Wow, that was super fast!

I'm looking forward to try it out :)

I think you've done an amazing job with this tool by providing several 'time savers' to generate and organize code.

The only thing needed to make this the perfect tool for me to use, is the ability to view my images like Gumbo does; since you already took care of the code view, how 'bout a 'design view'?

Good Job! :)


Thanks, RD.

Yeah, "design view" would be cool. One problem is that Gumbo starts with the graphics and generates code -- to parse the code and generate a view is harder. I talked to Gerhard (Gumbo Dude) a while back about "sharing" the XML in case I wanted to put something like that in CPM, but that would mean CPM could show the design only if you (the dev) exported the Gumbo stuff as XML instead of just using the Lua code that was generated.

On the other hand, if you meant "design view" as a way to actually layout graphics, yeah, that would be cool. :)


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