Massive Tutorial Database

Hello fellow beginners,
I was looking around the internet trying to find some good tutorials for Corona and I came across a site that has compiled TONS AND TONS of Corona tutorials. If you are looking for a tutorial, there is probably one for you.

Just wanted to share the link. I hope that this will help some of you.

P.S Peach Pellen's tutorials are on there, they're very good.

Maybe I am blind or something, but I can't see any link in your post :D

Wha? I can't see the link either! maybe it is colored white. Maybe he is playing a cruel joke on us.

Oh you thought I'd tell you where it is? hahaha I can't believe I forgot to post the link.

Try this one.

I'll edit the original so that people see it.

Thanks this looks like an amazing resource!!!

Thanks for the kind words, Danny :)

That is indeed a fantastic site - totally priceless for newbies and those just looking to further expand on their existing knowledge.


I'm bookmarking that site right away.

It's an old post but I figured i'd bump it in hopes that it might help some new users.

Thanks Danny, you made me realize this isn't stickied but should be - will do that right now :)

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