Zoom in and out like in Angry Birds without changing the physics?

Hello everyone,
The scene in my game is pretty big and has physics involved, so i want it to have zooming effect so the user can zoom out and in to see the the whole scene. I tried this with xScale and yScale with touch event, but the physics bodies doesn't scale down or up along. The zooming effect in Angry Birds is so smooth, i don't know how to do this in corona. Any suggestions?

Assuming you are scaling the display group that contains the physics bodies and not the physics objects themselves, it actually does work. It's just the display of the physics bodies (using hybrid or debug mode) that don't visually scale. It's an annoying bug that's been around for ages, but the actual bodies are scaling correctly along with the display objects.

XenonBL, i just figured out what you meant. Thanks for pointing that out. So, do you think we need to tell corona team to fix this bug? It's pretty confusing.

It's been pointed out repeatedly in the forums for at least a year, so I can only assume it's not a simple fix for Ansca. But please chime in, enter another bug, and hopefully the priority will percolate up. I agree it is a very confusing and misleading bug.

It will get fixed, it's just a matter of feature/bug priority.:)

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