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Currently I have built for iPhone and it seem putting a config.lua of Width=320 Height=480 "letterbox" and built.settings landscape mode was the perfect fit, although an image of Width=960 Height=640 would have same results as an image of Width=480 Height=320 is it because the image scales down which is basically dividing the size by 2?

But my Main Question is when you built for iPad only, If my config.lua is set to iPad size and "letterbox" even if my image is iPad size it does not "fill" the whole screen like my iPhone built easily did as explained above. Now if I use "zoomEven" it does fill whole screen but on some images It has a cutoff making the image look bigger then it normally is. And If I use "none" which I believe is the same as not using a config.lua the picture fits perfect but I notice the color on the picture changes in a way it makes the picture look more "colorful".

So is there a way to configure an iPad only app as easy as iPhone app so a background fills the whole screen?

Note: I have tried display.newImage("blah.png", true) to fill whole screen but nothing happens.

Thanks for your Help!

so r u going for only ipad no iphone support?

if yes there is no need to scale even no need to specify width and height in config file

it will only needed when you want to give support for multiple resolution.

however there is no harm to write below in config file

application =
content =
width = 768,
height = 1024,
fps = 30,
antialias = true,
scale = "zoomStretch"-- or "letterbox" anything its just meaningless

be my friend ?

Thanks for the Response hgvyas123 the only problem with what you mention above is even if my image is Width=768 and Height=1024 the moment I declare "letterbox" it will not cover the whole screen I get black markings. And yes the question I asked above is attempting to create an iPad only application.

Thanks for help

You say you are using:

display.newImage("blah.png", true)

I would suggest you try;

display.newImage("blah.png", 0, 0, true)

@ elbowroomapps

That was just an example im not using [true] anymore it didnt change a thing even If i used true or not and even If I added the size (0, 0, true) nothing changed same results. Im just wondering why building for iPad with config.lua "letterbox" is not as easy as the results you quickly get with iPhone am I missing something here?

I have an iPad app and I'm not seeing the same results as you.

As a test, I created a new project with only the following 2 lines in main.lua

local myRectangle = display.newRect(0, 0, 768, 1024)
myRectangle:setFillColor(140, 140, 140)

I don't have a config.lua. When I run this, it fills the entire iPad screen. In my app I have background images that are 768 x 1024 and they fill the entire screen.

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