[SOLVED] European Developers: Need umlauts in app name like German umlaut ü French accute/grave è é â

We're developing apps with international brands like "The little Polar Bear" (kids books & movies by Warner).

It really nice to develop with Corona, but I have a really big problem:

I can't use umlauts in the app name. The US version will be no problem, the app will have the Title "Little Polar Bear" like the books or the movie.

But e.g. the German version HAS TO BE NAMED "Der kleine Eisbär" (because of the license).
But after building the app name is shortened after the "b", it's "Eisb".

Same problem with names for France, Brasil

How can I use the umlauts for the app name?


try putting this in your build.settings plist

CFBundleDisplayName = "Der kleine Eisbär"

The german name will only show on the device

Perfect, problem solved.

My problem was that it will only show on the device and the app name as a file is still without umlauts. But this doesn't matter.

Thank you very, very much!


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