Error creating new project


Error creating new project.

The system cannot find the file specified.

Help me ...

Need more info to help you out.


What other information is required?

Hello, my english leaves much to be desired.
Can you help me. I have the same problem, as botaniqqq. I run Corona on Windows 7 x64. After creating a new project (eBook) if I click on simulator screen, simulator crush. If I deploy app to my android device - it works.

2egnech 2botaniqqq
I had a problem similar to yours. Maybe my solution will be something useful.
I have a localized version of Windows. If the path to the SDK includes a non-Latin characters, then click on the "new project" is causing the error. Install Corona SDK in the folder path to which only in English.
For example "D:\Corona SDK"

Короче, ну ты понел;)

Sorry Sorry Sorry for my prevent post!)) I forgot. Guys You have to write (browse) the path to a new project only with english characters.

New Project---> Project folder: "c:\ 'and there not have to de any no-latinic symbols'"

PS. But to install Corona SDK into a folders without russian characters in their name is right choice too, I supose,;)

Thx Samo ... but a new problem ... new PC ... Windows XP ...

Play Now and crash!

Help fix the text on the command line ...

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