Text Candy + Director Class = Weird Problem?

I recently bought Particle Candy and Text Candy (Great Products) Im having a weird problem and wanting to know if anyone knows about this? The problem is I copied and paste the "screen2.lua" file from Sample Director Class / Text Candy. On "screen2.lua" the code works perfect but if I create a new " .lua " file and copy and paste the codes from "screen2.lua" to the new " .lua " file Simulator crashes. Be honest with you basically any new " .lua " file I create and paste the code from " screen2.lua " it wont work but if I change the name of " screen2.lua " to anything I want, it works its almost if thats a magical file LOL


I just tried something new and this is pretty funny, I created a file called " test.lua " and pasted the code from the file that works Perfectly Fine. And as usual it crashed so I deleted " test.lua " and copy and pasted " sample2.lua " from Sample Director Class / Text Candy and deleted the codes inside and pasted the code that did not work on my " test. lua " I created and guess what, IT WORKS. So back to the title of my post is this some weird problem? I mean it makes no sense lol why would I have to copy and paste a file and code inside that file in order to make it work because if I create the file and code inside the file I created it does not work.

And This is Tested on Latest Stable Build and Build 639

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