Memory leak ..ish

I have a menu screen and a game screen using director to flick between the two.

I have commented most of my code to a bare bones (which just loads a few buttons ) to try and understand what is happenning with the memory.

The first few times I go to the game screen and then return to the menu I see a slight increase in memory usage each time I get back to the menu screen.

After the 3rd or 4th time I go back to the menu the memory usage stays at the increased level but doesn't get any higher.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why this may be happening as it's really bugging me.

Hi garethward,

I was wondering if you ever found the problem. I have the same issue. I am not using director though. When I hit my restart button everything is cleared and the game restarts but with a tiny increase in memory-mine only does this once and never increases again no matter how many times I restart. I am trying to force myself to let it go as it doesn't seem to be casuing any major issues but like you it is bugging me.

I never did find the reason. I don't think it's necessarily director related because I made a similar project with the new storyboard api and experienced similar (although not identical) behaviour. Like you I don't think it's a major problem but not knowing niggles me.

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