Director memory leak

I'm using director 1.2 and have found the following.

If I switch scenes and leave a slight delay between clicking the button to switch scenes all is good.

If I switch between scenes quickly then I get a memory leak.

1) Am I doing something wrong?

2) Is there a way to wait until director has finished switching before allowing it to switch back. (I guess I can disable the button for a bit but wondered if there is a better way.)

Any way you can upgrade to Director 1.4? It's much improved since 1.2


I will try this. Do you know if I have to make any code changes when I upgrade the director module or should my app work as is?

I started using Director on version 1.3, I imagine there will be some subtle differences you may have to address, particularly on cleanup events and such. You will need to read all the upgrades.

Here's a bare bones project template I created using Director 1.4 that may lend to some useful usage example for you...

The Bits


Cool, thanks.

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